The Sprint to FI

30 Months

30 Months.

This is the number of months left for Cat to work. Over the past few weeks we have been talking about our retirement plans and retiring at 60 is part of the plan. Cat will turn 60 in 2 years. Just for the sake of financial security, we figure that because she turns 60 in January and occasionally gets a bonus early in the year, she will work just enough to pick up the bonus, max her Roth roll over and 401k and then call it a day.  So that will be about 30 months.

I will continue to work after she retires, for two reasons; I will not yet be 60 and I have less in retirement savings and need to boost mine somewhat.  This means I might not retire for another 4 years yet, maybe 5. My retirement date depends a lot on the market as well.

Let me clarify something though. When I talk of retirement, I really mean FI. Our FI plan is a plan that involves both of us, but in 30 months, Cat will have completed her part of the plan. I lag a little behind her.  What this means is that she can stop working once she hits her part of the FI plan and what she does after that is up to her. She could keep working if she wanted to but I have a feeling that she has some hobbies she wants to put some time to while i still work on my part of the plan.

Meanwhile, we can downsize a little once she retires and happily live off my salary while her retirement savings continue to grow.

It is very exciting to see the light at the end of the tunnel, at the very least, for one of us.


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