The Sprint to FI

2021 Q2 Quarterly Report

Hey I remembered to do the next quarterly report.  This one is going to be a little shorter than the last one.
So first, lets take a look at the important bit; the numbers:

As we can see there has been some decent growth in the portfolio. Excellent news!  I continue to put money into the HSA and the investment account, with some small percentage going into the 401k.  I will continue to do the same over the next two quarters and then reconsider my plans for 2022.

Our Joint Figure

Adding my savings to Cat’s savings brings us to about $950k or there abouts.  With some luck, and decent stock market performance we may end the year at about the million mark, which will be amazing.  As it stands right now, $950k in retirement will provide about $3,100 per month in income.  It’s not too shabby but we would like to be able pull a little more.  Of course once we are able to draw social security, that income will increase.

Retirement Projection

Our retirement projection remains about the same as the previous quarter; with Cat able to retire in about two years from now and me in about four.  Of course, that is just the dates that we could retire on, we may carry on working if we feel like it.  However we have also discussed the idea of both of us retiring at the same time in about three years.  We will have to see how we feel in a couple of years.

Retirement Strategy

I have talked about this before but one of our desires is to travel once we retire.  Rather than a 2 week cruise once per year or something like that, we want to actually spend time living in other areas of the world.  Geographic arbitrage is a thing!  Using lower cost of living areas we will be able to stretch our retirement accounts even further.  Places like Central and Eastern Europe, Southern Europe, parts of Asia and Latin America are all target areas for us.  With that in mind both of us are spending time learning languages that will help us live a little easier in these areas.

Other items of Note

Health was the keynote item for this year; especially given our sedentary lifestyles and the ongoing pandemic.  Cat and I have both received our shots and are now fully vaccinated.  We even spent a little money and took a short but very welcome vacation in New Mexico.  Both of us have been exercising every day in one form or another, and I plan to start a couch to 5k plan soon.  I will update my progress on that in the next quarterly report.


As I mentioned in the last quarterly report, Cat and I are focused on health this year and have not been focusing on the financials, although it is hard not too as we are making good progress. We still carry no debt and have no intentions of incurring any other than our monthly operating expenses on the credit card.  This gets paid off every couple of weeks so we don’t incur any interest.  It is a travel card so we are also accumulating travel points for airline tickets and this is something I am sure we will use in retirement.

All in all, we feel pretty secure and are hopefully getting healthier.  I certainly feel better than I did, and I hope to continue this trend.  We will re-evaluate where we are at the next quarterly report.



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