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Slimming down the Phone Bill (Revisted)

A while ago I published a post about moving off Verizon’s unlimited plan and getting a new plan with Tello.  So far this phone plan has worked out well.  Just to recap, I have unlimited talk time and unlimited text, and a 1GB data plan.  Because we are all still cooped up because of COVID and I work from home, most of the time my phone is on WiFi, so I really only use a few MB of data per month.

Last month, Cat and I went over our subscriptions, and as part of that process, we took a look at Cat’s phone plan.  She is still on the Verizon plan, along with her son. In part this is because she has a 4G Apple Watch and has a phone plan for it.  Apple watch phone plans are not generally available when using an MVNO.

Currently Cat is paying $161 for the three Verizon plans; two unlimited data plans and one watch plan.  So we played “what if” with Tello.  Using the plan calculator on Tello’s web site she was able to calculate the cost of two unlimited phone plans at $80.  Looking back at the Verizon plan, we saw that the use of the watch plan was zero and data usage for her phone, was also very low.  He son used quite a lot of data, but also not that bad.

So moving from Verizon to Tello for Cat and her son, would shave an approximately $80 off the phone bill. Not too shabby.

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