Unemployed and lost my income

Just as the title says, I am now unemployed and have lost my income. Or as I like to put it: Oh Fuck!

I used to work as a sales engineer for a silicon valley based semiconductor manufacturer. I say used to because I have just been laid off. Now I am unemployed.

I was a senior field applications engineer covering the southeast region of the united states. That is I was a sort of pre-sales engineer. I was on salary and commission, and according to my manager I was the most highly compensated FAE on the east coast. I was doing something right.

That was last month. Now I am one of several hundred employees that have been laid off. We all have great severance packages and mine will last a fair while. I am seeking a new job but so far, my options are limited. After few phone interviews, it appears that I am one of many fighting for a small and shrinking pool of positions.

No, this is not an April fools joke – I wish it was.

The impact here is that we can keep the farm going for maybe 12 months. Cat still has income and that is enough with the severance to keep up with everything. However I must get a position before the severance runs out or we will be in financial difficulties.

I am exploring the idea of going solo with my own rep company but that is a less preferable direction for me. I would much prefer to have a full time position with an established company. At the moment this seems to be an uphill struggle. I don’t think I have ever been in a position where I have had to fight so hard just to get a phone interview.

Time to get back to the phone.

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