Moving in…eighteen days

Lots going on. We’ve been packing every weekend, which is going to continue right up through the move. We started with 14 boxes of books, and have now cleared the kids’ room including bathroom and closet, my handbag closet, most of the office, and some of the living room. I’ve packed up my yarn stash but the box is still open for a while. We’ve had our furniture cleaned professionally, and our home inspection is scheduled for Tuesday. The house walk-through with the builder is on Feb 6, we close on 2/12, and the movers are booked for Feb 14.

I’m a little anxious about a few things. The first one is that we don’t have the official mortgage paperwork yet. It’s not unexpected, it’s just hard to wait. WF assured us that the documents are “in closing” and normally get sent out two weeks ahead of time. So we should get them late this week if we are lucky, unless they can bump it up a little. In the meantime, I’m trying not to fret over not knowing the real numbers yet. WF created a cash to close spreadsheet for us, and those numbers look fine, but it’s very unofficial. I just want to be sure we will have enough cash to close and have no surprises in the mortgage payments. On the mortgage for the farm, we got burned by the lender, who suddenly at the last minute required an extra $300/month in PMI. I don’t think that will happen this time, plus the interest rate is lower, we are putting 10% down instead of zero, and we’re borrowing $60k less, but I will feel more comfortable when I see the actual numbers on actual paper. We have a couple of backup plans (credit card for appliances, 401k loan just in case), but I’d like to know ahead of time if we will need them.

The 10% down, by the way, was made possible by a check from my stepdad right before Christmas. He said that Mom left an IRA which she specifically directed to be split between her three daughters. It’s about $22k each, but he sent only half to start with, to keep it under the $14k limit for gift taxes. The other half should come this year, but I have no idea when, and I’m not going to ask him. I am incredibly thankful for the money – it means we have to borrow less, and we will have a little safety net left over after closing. After everything is settled, I may be able to pay off my car, or at least buy a lovely new kitchen table. Thank you, Mama, for making my life easier and my home nicer. I love you.

My biggest concern about the house itself is a water-stained spot on the kitchen ceiling where there was a leak from above a few weeks ago. They cut a hole in the sheetrock and must have fixed the pipes, because it’s been patched now. But the part with the water stain also looks puffy around the sheetrock nails, which means the sheetrock got wet enough to swell. I really don’t want them to paint/mud over it, they gotta replace the sheetrock, and hopefully will do it without being requested to. Very interested to see what the inspector will say. The water in the bathroom above has been shut off for the left-hand sink; hope it is all working OK now.

Otherwise, though, the house is looking pretty good. There was a big sewer issue so they had to break up half the driveway, dig a giant hole to fix the sewer, and then re-pour that half of the driveway. We happened to visit the same evening it was poured, and pressed our fingerprints into the wet concrete. Ours. There are some details to be fixed, finished and touched up, but the floors, counters, cabinets, lighting, carpet, tile, etc. are all in. Most of the remaining stuff is cosmetic (I hope).

I’ve been working on arrangements for utilities, and Comcast is not looking great right now. Residential didn’t recognize our new address as being in their service area, so supposedly they did a survey to check on availability. The results said, without punctuation,

The survey came back and unfortunately the construction cost exceeds
$6000 I cannot get that covered by Comcast so I cannot get you

I’m investigating this with the builder, who claimed that they had Comcast in the neighborhood but neglected to mention that we had to pay $6k to bring the cable in from the street. I’m hoping Comcast just fucked up and don’t know what they are doing (entirely likely). Tony is going to work it from the Comcast business internet angle and see if we can get another survey or maybe more detail about the first one.

And now it’s time for our recently-adopted traditional Sunday dinner with Tony’s famous roasties. Ah, how I love Sunday dinner and its chef.


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