We love our new house

We’ve been here almost two months and everything is nearly 100% great. Sure, there are some quirks and imperfections, but nothing we can’t live with. As my sister said to me a few nights ago:

you think when you build new it’ll be perfect, and then you learn that perfection is always having a project!

And so it is. My first project was replacing the awful white outlets on the backsplash with brushed nickel ones, which cost about $3 and now match all the stainless appliances. We had our 30-day check-in with the warranty guy, and the only thing we had to show him was the swale in the back yard that is like a brown river coming from the foundation drain. I know that drain is doing its job, but it seems overly wet. He did admit that the drain pipe needs to be re-angled so there isn’t always standing water in it and said he’d get someone out here to fix it.

Before we moved in, we bought some new appliances with my annual bonus – refrigerator, washer, dryer. All are top of the line, huge, and wonderful. The counter-depth fridge has a middle drawer for wine bottles, and the front-loading laundry equipment does saves some time (large capacity = fewer loads) and the clothes come out nicer. On the day we closed, we ordered a new kitchen table and chairs, which are due to be delivered this weekend. The kitchen is evolving as we figure out where to put things and how things are laid out, and I am still in love with the gray quartz counters and farm sink and stone tile backsplash. The new rustic table and sunflower yellow chairs are going to be so happy in there!

Last weekend we finished setting up the craft room. Tony and I lugged the big dining room table up there so he can use it for his sewing table. It was wicked fucking heavy and the only way we got it up the stairs was by sheer force of will, but now it’s there and perfect for the space. I got some clear drop-front shoe storage boxes for storing yarn in, so I unpacked the bin of yarn and sorted it out, and now it’s organized roughly by weight and easy to see. I unpacked the art books and tried out my new markers on Sunday morning. Yesterday we brought the Soundock down to the basement so we’d have some music for working out, or just for hanging out on the couch.

We keep wandering around the house and just being happy. The size, the layout, the amount of space, the finishes on the inside, the cuteness on the outside – it’s all great and we are so, so fortunate. The colors, the stone, the portico, the little dormer windows, everything is just so stinkin’ cute! Sometimes when we walk our pup at night, we stand outside the house and admire it, and say…we made this happen. We did this. We think it’s the cutest house in the neighborhood, and we created it in less than a year. Imagine all the other things we can do!

The next things I want to get done are curtains, the guest bedroom, and a fence for the back yard. The lot next to us isn’t graded yet (should be another month or two) so we have to wait a bit on the fence, but that will give us a little time to save some money. We almost wiped out our $10k safety net when we bought the 4Runner and it’s freaking me out. It’s funny, because we went for years and years with maybe $1k or $2k in savings, and I wasn’t scared then. Anyway, we’re building it back up again and everything will be OK.

I am bursting with gratitude these days, and not just for material things. We slept with the windows open for a few weeks before the pollen got too heavy…so joyful. Spring is here, the weather is warm but not too hot, tree sex is everywhere, and the peepers are peeping happily in the creek at night. Wisteria and dogwood are beginning to bloom; next up will be the honeysuckle and magnolia. Things are falling into place and I couldn’t be more thankful for the balance.


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