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Taking the First Steps

At the beginning of the year, it’s good to set direction, so Cat and I have had an in-depth conversation about our futures, primarily as they relate to health.  I am overweight, with very high blood pressure and I need to fix that before I go pop. We live in a house that is too large for us, we have two SUVs and two crappy commutes, and we spend too much time on the couch.

The first thing that came to mind was getting out of Georgia. Living in a climate where it’s uncomfortable fucking miserable to be outside for more than half the year is not conducive to getting out of the house, so this has to be done. But how and where to go? We have jobs in GA, and we would need to take them with us or get new jobs. This will take some coordination for sure.

Cat has family in Colorado, and loves the state but we have also considered NYC and a few other places. For some reason I feel a drawn to the coast of Maine – I suspect because it feels much like the place I grew up in. We also know she is in line for a promotion that may allow her to choose where she works, so there are a lot of moving parts involved in making a change like this. It’s incredibly overwhelming to think about selling a house, moving, buying a house, and changing jobs all at the same time, so we decided to break it down into more manageable steps:

  1. Downsize to an apartment locally as an interim step, closer to C’s work (her commute is horrendous)
  2. Figure out where to move to
  3. Figure out the job situation
  4. Plan the move
  5. Execute the move and live happily ever after



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