Rebuilding The Sprint to FI

New Job Time

In a previous post I had mentioned that Cat lost her high paying job. Well, she now has a new job. There are however two downsides to the new job; it’s contract (so no 401k match etc.) and its a 90 minute commute each way; two hours when the traffic really sucks. It also doesn’t pay quite as well as the previous job.However we are both grateful that C has something, and I can bump up my 401k contribution again.

We have to do something about the commute though. We chose not to purchase a home when we moved to CO, so it would be pretty simple for us to move closer to her new place of work if needed. We’ve talked about how that decision gives us wings in exchange for having roots. This flexibility is also helped by the downsizing we did when we left GA, as we have a lot less to move, and by the fact that I work 100% remote, so I can be anywhere.

We are becoming quite nomadic!

Time to work on looking for a new place to live.


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