The Sprint to FI

(Sort Of) Travel hacking

I don’t really like the term hacking. For me its more of a strategy. A strategic decision that I hope will lead to a good outcome. So what am I talking about? Well I am not into the whole travel hacking thing. To me it all too much messing about with credit cards.

However, what we have done is moved a lot of our bills onto a Venture card with Capital One that offers travel points. We sit back, pay our bills and let those travel points accumulate.

Our largest source of points at the moment is our weekly grocery bill, but we also have DoorDash on there, as well as Spotify, Car insurance, renters insurance, and utilities. It is convenient to not have to pay each and every bill individually, but rather pay the credit card every two weeks. The only bill we have not been able to move to the credit card is the apartment rent. Sadly there is no way for us to do that.

My hope is that once we retire (and it is still a little way off yet) we will have enough points to cater for a few years of travel.


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