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Whittling down Comcast

I like to review where we are with some services, especially where I have a choice.  Often we can overlook some of these regular monthly bills and not realize we are overpaying.  In my quest for cheaper internet, I looked at 4G alternatives to Comcast, but alas, 4G is limited in data and given that we both work from home, we need all the data we can get.  I monitored data usage over a couple of months and we use maybe 150GB of data per month.  Sometimes more and sometimes less, but more than most, if not all 4G data plan will provide.
So lets look at Comcast itself and see what we can do.  According to speed testing, our Comcast connection has about 325Mb/s down and 5-10Mb/s up:
Checking our Comcast account, we have the following:
performance plus internet    $70
Speed increase Blast pro     $30
Router Rental                $14
The plan we are on is a 275Mb/s plan so the speed tests indicate that we are getting a considerable amount of bandwidth above that. Also, we have had our plan for long enough that we are now month to month, so I would like to keep that. I don’t like being locked into a plan as things change and we must change with it.
So what can we do to keep performance and cost reduce this?
According to the Comcast web site, which is atrocious for finding out anything, we have the folling available to us on a month to month basis:
PERFORMANCE SELECT     100Mb/s    $55
PERFORMANCE PRO+       200Mb/s    $70
I would be inclined to go for the Performance Select plan. At 100Mb/s for two people, we will have enough bandwidth. I suspect we can keep our current router, so in all we shouldn’t really notice a performance hit. My only concern is the upload speed which becomes important when video calling and moving files to the cloud.
Comcast don’t really talk about the upload speed, their marketing is focused on the download speed, but i did manage to find this:
Its not a great screen grab but it shows the upload speeds for the various plans, and the performance select comes in at around 5Mb/s. Our current plan is at 10Mb/s, so we will see a slow down in uploads, but as long as we are not doing a lot of cloud moves, we should be ok.
That will bring the cost down from $114 to about $70, or $65 if we go with the performance starter but that only has 3Mb/s upload. I think I would rather stick with 5Mb/s than the three.
After spending a little time on the phone with Comcast customer service, we now have the performance select plan @$55/mth plus router for a grand total of $70 instead of $114 – a savings of $44!

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