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2022 Q3 Quarterly Report

This quarters report is dismal. As we can see, the numbers over the past year and half are miserable.  Despite all the money I have been pushing into the accounts, the overall balance has stayed pretty much flat, if a little in decline.  I believe we truly are in an economic depression now; this is not a slow down but a consistent contraction.

The Numbers

I did pull my investment account balance out as I needed it for a potential house purchase but that was ~$30k, meaning that I am currently ~$20k under the Q2 ’21 balance.   Am I concerned?  I would be lying if I said no.  I am concerned but I know the stock market history, and I figure the market will come back in 1-3 years, and with luck, buying the market while it is down will pay dividends when it comes back (that was a deliberate pun).

House Buying

The house buying is in a difficult place right now. Interest rates are way high, but the price of housing is starting to deflate a little but not far enough yet.  The house we are contracted on is still not built and is way behind schedule. Our rate lock will expire before the house is built so we may well back out of this deal as its not looking like a good proposition for us.

UK Finances

The economic stress we are under is a global issue, not a local issue, so the UK issues are the same as the US issue.  As such I can see the value of my UK investments has gone the same way as my US investments.  In addition to that however the exchange rate reduced so my GBP are worth less even if the market had not contracted,  That makes it a bit of a double whammy.

Other Matters

Health issues have been first and foremost and although I have not lost any more weight this quarter because of fun, however I have managed to keep my weight between 195-192lbs.  Not too shabby. Now September and all its fun and vacation are over, I can get back into losing weight again.

Final Words

So right now the strategy is to keep going with the 401k and IRA and see what happens over the next 2-4 quarters.  Outside of that we are just going to keep saving, with a view to retiring in three years assuming the economy pics up.  If it does not, we keep going for however long we need to.


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